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Terri FordTerri M. Ford
Senior Director of Global Policy and Advocacy, AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Long-time advocate, Terri Ford, currently serves AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) as the Senior Director of Global Policy and Advocacy.

She began her diverse  tenure at AHF at Chris Brownlie Hospice in the early 1990’s as the Director of Dietary Services during the ‘holocaust years’ of AIDS in Los Angeles. During those same years she was an active member of ACT UP/ Los Angeles and was arrested several times in civil disobedience actions fighting AIDS. She moved on to oversee the design and construction of AHF’s state of the in-patient facility, Linn House. She served as the Administrative Director of Linn House until 1998 when she was asked to launch AHF’s new, innovative Prevention Division which included the first of it’s kind alternative HIV testing and outreach services. AHF’s testing program grew into the largest community based testing program in California.

In 2001, with 3-day notice, Terri set off to  South Africa to find and launch AHF’s first clinic outside the Unitied States. In her current position Terri directs and coordinates AHF’s  worldwide advocacy, global testing and prevention efforts. She has served in many different capacities in her 20 year tenure at AHF. Her recent successes in leading the challenging World AIDS Day One Million Tests Campaign in 2008 and then the Testing Millions Campaign in 2009 campaign speaks to her strong leadership and team building skills. Terri’s depth of experience in advocacy, policy setting and mobilization helps to lead AHF to new frontiers in global AIDS control. She has more logged miles and has spent more time in the field  working hands-on within the global bureaus than anyone else at AHF. Terri has traveled extensively since 2001 and has advocated for AHF and it’s 150,000+ clients in Geneva, Washington, and Europe as well as being deployed more than 50 times to Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe on extended assignments.

She directed AHF’s advocacy efforts at the last 5 International AIDS Conferences in Barcelona, Bangkok, Toronto, Mexico City and Vienna. Her next big challenge is leading AHF’s  large advocacy March and Rally at the 2012 Washington DC International AIDS Conference.

Terri heads AHF’s Global Testing and Prevention Initiative, steers global policy, is a member of the AHF Global Executive Committee, serves on AHF’s executive Senior Management team and is a Global Ambassador for AHF and people living with HIV/AIDS.

About AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is a global organization providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy to over 150,000 people in 26 countries. It is the US’s  largest community-based provider of HIV/AIDS medical care.

A truly independent voice in our mission to rid the world of HIV/AIDS, AHF’s operating capital comes from our own self-created social enterprises. AHF Pharmacies, thrift stores, health care contracts and other strategic partnerships generate funding that helps AHF provide medical and advocacy services to the thousands of people it serves.

Generating and defining new, innovative ways to treatment, prevention and advocacy is the hallmark of AHF’s success. It is currently embarked on a mass testing initiative to identify and treat the 25 million people who don’t know they are infected. It will take 1 billion tests annually, and AHF is advocating a streamlined, rapid  testing model which allows for large numbers of people to be tested in one day.

Since 1987, AHF has cared for thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. As AHF creates and implements its unparalleled programs in new communities in the U.S. and around the world, we expand its delivery of healthcare and influence over policy with the sole aim of saving more lives.

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